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 Here is my prices :

1 hour massage, package deal, Cindy Larson, Ames

1 hour massage - $70 or

Package deal of 4-1 hour massage  $230



45 minute massage, package deal, by Cindy Larson, Ames

45 min massage - $50 or

 Package deal of 4-45 minute massage session $150

  This massage will be catering to areas that need special attention to chronic pain areas. For example, carpal tunnel or plantar faciitis, headaches.  (this will not be covering the whole body)  



Neck, face & scalp massage,  package deal, Cindy Larson, Ames

  Neck, Face, Scalp Therapy Massage-$50.00  or 

   Package deal of 4-NFS massage $150

   Therapeutic massage focusing on the face, neck, and scalp. This type of massage is a combination of Japanese and Swedish techniques and incorporates a certain blend of aromatherapy and a moist, warm towel.
  benefits are

* Improves blood circulation to neck, face and scalp

* Reduces stress

* Relaxes muscles of the chin

* Reduces jaw and neck tension

* Relieves headaches